Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Libertarian Party Active Membership Numbers for June 2014 through May 2018

June           14136
July            14260
August       14134
September  13734
October      13442
November  12947
December  12053

January       11902
February     11988
March         11845
April           11837
May            11663
June            11640
July             11649
August        11708
September   11715
October       11399
November   11198
December    11184

January       11183
February     11413
March         11824
April           12509
May            14532
June            15477
July             16656
August        17568
September   17888
October       18327
November   18564
December    18592

January        18908
February      18715
March          18334
April            17843
May             16652
June             16065
July              15110
August         14321
September    14411
October        14319
November    14422
December     14998

January         15057
February       15156
March           15354
April             15439
May              15254

Source:  LNC Business Archives Click this link for source material.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Case for the Small Business Owner as the LP’s Core Constituency - From 2003 - Still Viable in My Opinion

 A Case for the Small Business Owner as the LP’s Core Constituency

They should mirror who we are:
The small business owner is a very good fit with who we are.  They are principled, independent, and self-reliant.  Many of our best activists are small business owners.

They should be well liked and respected and have no negatives:
Small business is America.  Norman Rockwell has turned the small business into an American icon.  They contrast sharply to big business when it comes to being liked.

As a group, they should be large enough and important enough, to be meaningful:
There are millions of small business owners in America and they account for over half of all jobs in America.  The NFIB, a lobbyist organization, alone represents 600,000 small business people.

They should not have a champion in the political arena:
The small businessperson feels politically homeless.  Even lobbyist like the Chamber of Commerce has abandoned them.  The Republicans have chosen big business; the Democrats have chosen labor, leaving the small businessperson without a champion.

They should have an inherent understanding that our success is beneficial to them:
Free markets are the battle cry of small business and the LP.   Less regulations, freedom to choose how they run their business is inherently Libertarian and pro small business.

They should bring credibility to the LP:
Small business is inherently credible.  No one survives for long as a small business without having successfully served a core constituency of their own. 

They should afford us an opportunity to address “our” issues on their behalf, or from “their” point of view, or ideally both without alienating non-constituencies.
Our positions on; taxes, regulations, individual liberty, social engineering, free trade, immigration, social security, foreign policy, drug prohibition, healthcare, environmental regulations, and gun rights are all easily presented as a benefit to small business. 

We also, can cast our messages from the point of view of: men, women, gays, immigrants, ethnic minorities, and the poor.  All these sub constituencies have validated that owning your own small business can have profound positive benefits to the individual and to their community. 

They should bring a base level of support in the form of money, talent and influence to our party and its candidates:
Our best activists and supporters are often small business owners.  They have the money, influence, and the other intangibles necessary to enhance our candidates and ensure victory’s on Election Day.

Research Stats:  Research conducted in the summer of 2002.
All current members.
Issue                                   Said Issue is Very Important    % of Agreement on Issue
1.  Taxes & Spending*                       82.9 %                                    63.3 %
2.  Drug Prohibition                            65.3                                         85.0
3.  Gun Rights                                    65.3                                         66.2
4.  Social Security*                             61.5                                         93.1
5.  Education                                       60.1                                         69.3
6.  Foreign Policy                                55.2                                         43.9
7.  Healthcare                                      52.5                                         84.0
8.  Foreign Trade                                37.7                                         69.6
9.  Environmental                               33.4                                         78.7
10. Immigration                                  30.9                                         46.7
11. Abortion                                        28.8                                         72.2

The % of agreement on issue column reflects the maximum number of people who chose the same answer that best expressed their views on the issue. 

Lapsed Members
Issue                            Said Issue is Very Important           % of Agreement on Issue
1.   Taxes                                 79.5%                                                 55.5%
2.   Gun Rights                        68.2                                                     65.4
3.   Social Security                  62.4                                                     65.4
4.   Education                          60.9                                                     57.7
5.   Foreign Policy                   56.3                                                     44.3
6.   Drug Prohibition               58.9                                                     78.6
7.   Healthcare                         49.3                                                     77.6
8.   Foreign Trade                   42.4                                                     63.2
9.   Immigration                      40.4                                                     43.5
10. Environment                     40.1                                                     75.2
11. Abortion                            38.0                                                     69.4

Reason Cited for Leaving the LP. Open ended.

Reason*                                                          %
LP Scandal                                                      36.9
LP Not Effective                                            23.9
I’m not a Libertarian after all                          17.4
LP’s Handling of 9/11                                    10.9
LP is to Anarchist, Negative                             8.7
LP’s Drug War Position                                   2.2

*These numbers were adjusted to reflect only the respondents who gave a significant reason for dropping their membership.  An earlier report in the LPNews reflected all reasons cited, many of which were; I forgot, thought I had, no mone

Friday, May 18, 2018

Mark W. Rutherford polling at 10% as Libertarian for Indiana Secretary of State

What: Mark W. Rutherford polling at 10% as Libertarian for Indiana Secretary of State
Contact: Mark Rutherford: 317-809-9000; rutherfordlibertarian@gmail.com

Libertarian Secretary of State Candidate Gets Primary Status Numbers in Poll

Rutherford kicks off campaign with strong 10% support in recent poll

Mark W. Rutherford, an Indianapolis attorney, small business owner, and Chairman of Indiana's Public Defender Commission, is at 10% in a recent poll conducted on Indiana's wide-open Secretary of State race.

Gravis Marketing, which states it is a nonpartisan research firm, conducted the poll at its expense from May 10th to May 15th.  A copy of the poll and its results is available at https://www.realclearpolitics.com/docs/Gravis_Indiana_May_17_2018.pdf.  The poll has a +/- 4.9% error rate.

Rutherford is running as a Libertarian and is only 13 points behind the second place Democratic candidate.

This is significant because in Indiana, the Secretary of State race determines ballot access for all political parties.  While Rutherford is running to win, even a 10% showing in November would be a significant milestone for the Libertarian Party and its growth.

10% in the Secretary of State race means the candidate’s political party participates in primaries under Indiana Election Law.  This threshold in the past has been used to give unfair advantages to the two old and current major parties, which conduct primaries that roughly cost $6 million of taxpayer money.

If elected, Rutherford intends to work to level the playing field and fight to get rid of unfair advantages given to the establishment parties under Indiana's Election Laws.

Paid for and authorized by Rutherfords Rising SOS 2018 Committee, Daryl Singleton, Treasurer