Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Jay Sollman Appointed to Fill Vacancy on Darmstadt Town Council

Jay Sollman being sworn in by the Clerk-Treasurer of Damstadt as the newest member of the Damstadt Town Council.

Here is the list of partisan Libertarians who served or are serving in elected office in Indiana as of May 11, 2022.  Here are their names, followed by their office, year(s) elected or appointed to fill an elected office and term(s) of office:

(1). Mary Dufour, Jefferson Township Trustee, Washington County, 1998, 1999-02
(2). Zenith Caudill, Jefferson Township Advisory Board, Washington County, 1998, 1999-02
(3). Phil Miller, Greenfield City Council, 1999, 2000-03
(4). Darren Nolan, Universal City Council, 1999, 2000-03
(5). Gale Owen, Silver Lake City Council, 1999, 2000-03
(6). Edward Dilts, Needham Township Advisory Board, Johnson County, 2002, 2003-06
(7). Anita M. Amspaugh, Union City Clerk-Treasurer, 2003, 2004-07
(8). Susan Bell, Hagerstown Town Court Judge, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2020, 2004-24
(9). Susan K. Pyle, MD, Union City Council, 2003, 2004-07
(10). Russell Reichard, Union City Council, 2003, 2004-resigned 06
(11). Jay Thompson, Gosport Town Council, 2003, 2004-07
(12). Conley Tillson, Clay Township Advisory Board, Wayne County, 2006, 2007-10
(13). Steve Coffman, Liberty Township Advisory Board, Henry County, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2007-19 (replaced by his brother Terry in 2015 due to new conflict law for voluntary firefighters).
(14). Michael Sloan, Pottawattamie Park Town Council, 2007, 2008-11
(15). Cheryl Heacox, Clay Township Advisory Board, Wayne County, 2010, 2014, 2018, 2011-23.
(16). Dennis Denney, Shirley Town Council – North Ward, 2011, 2015, 2012-19 
(17). Miccah Shepherd, Claypool Town Clerk/Treasurer, 2011, 2012-15
(18). Larry Walters, Dublin Town Council, 2015, 2019, 2016-24
(19). Elizabeth Brewer, Claypool Town Clerk/Treasurer, 2015, 2016-19 (resigned March 1, 2016 due to health reasons)
(20). Joel Samuelson, Culver Town Council At-Large, 2015, 2016-19
(21). Jessica Wallace (first elected as Jessica Whitfield), Larwill Town Council At-Large, 2015, 2019, 2016-23
(22). Renee Sweeney, Ossian Town Council - East, 2015, 2019, 2016- 23
(23). Jamie Jo Owens, Liberty Township Trustee, Henry County, 2018, 2019-22  (resigned 2021 to begin her graduate degree work.
(24). Terry Coffman, Liberty Township Board, Henry County, (2015 - 2019 served his brother's unexpired term), 2018, 2019-21 (resigned to fill unexpired term as Liberty Township Trustee).
(25).  Dean Hartley, Franklin Township Board, Montgomery County, 2018, 2019-22
(26).  Ryan Coby, Milton Town Council, 2019, 2020-23
(27).  Nathan Kring, Tipton City Council, 2019, 2020-23
(28).  Patricia Warner, Claypool Clerk-Treasurer, (replaced Elizabeth Brewer on April 1, 2016 and served her unexpired term), 2019, 2020-23
(29).  Terry Coffman, Liberty Township Trustee, Henry County, (replaced Jamie Jon Owens), 2021-22
(30).  Jay Sollman, Darmstadt Town Council, 2022-23

Wednesday, March 09, 2022

The 2011 Libertarian Party of Indiana Mayoral Candidates

Phil Miller

South Bend - Pat Farrell
Elkhart - Oscar Gibson
Indianapolis - Chris Bowen
Greenfield - Phil Miller
Greenwood - Jeff Spoonamore
Anderson - Rob Jozwiak
Rushville - Debbie O'Neal
Jeffersonville - Bob Isgrigg
New Albany - Thomas Keister
Westfield - Mike Waite

Tuesday, March 08, 2022

2002 - The 159 Indiana Libertarian Candidates

 Office                Name                     County

Secretary of State            Rebecca  Sink-Burris          Monroe

Auditor             Bruce Parisi     Lake

Treasurer            Sam Goldstein            Marion

Clerk of the Supreme Court         Lisa Tennies Monroe


US Congress                                      

1st District           Timothy               Brennan               Lake

2nd District         Sharon  Metheny             LaPorte

3rd District          Mike      Donlan  Allen

4th District          Jerry      Susong Clinton

5th District          Chris      Adkins  Hancock

6th District          Doris      Robertson           Marion

7th District          Andy     Horning Marion

8th District          Pam       Williams               Marion

9th District          Al            Cox        Brown


Indiana Senate                                 

Senate 6               Ryan      Flynn     Benton

Senate 21            David     Gay        Howard

Senate 29            Kevin     Fleming Marion

Senate 31            Doug     Sloan     Marion

Senate 41            Kenn     Gividen Bartholomew

Senate 43            Dan        Precht   Franklin

Senate 45            Debbie Huber-Harbeson              Clark


Indiana House                                  

House 9                Greg      Kelver   LaPorte

House 18              Dan        Stevens Kosciusko

House 20              Janet     Gillon    LaPorte

House 23              Scott      Benson Miami

House 25              Jo            Coleman              Marion

House 27              Mickey Bennett               Tippecanoe

House 30              Greg      Fridholm              Howard

House 40              Ray         Nowosielski        Hendricks

House 43              Ed           Gluck     Vigo

House 47              Willey    Thompson          Monroe

House 51              Jeff        Smith    Steuben

House 53              Kim        Brand    Hancock

House 54              Michael Bell         Wayne

House 57              Thom    Jester    Bartholomew

House 58              Bobby R.              Miller    Johnson

House 60              Jim         Billingsly               Monroe

House 61              Clark      Brittain Monroe

House 67              Steve    Kristoff Franklin

House 87              Fred       Peterson             Marion

House 89              Dennis  Wilson  Marion

House 90              Ed           Arnold  Marion

House 91              Doug     Brandt  Marion

House 92              Cindy     Kirkpatrick           Marion

House 93              Deb        Turley   Marion

House 94              Tom       Sanders Marion

House 95              Eric         Barnes  Marion

House 96              Steve    Carr        Marion

House 97              Brad       Klopfenstein      Marion

House 98              John      Daily      Marion

House 99              Webster              Smith    Marion

House 100           Andy     Hart       Marion


Clark County                                     

County Council District 2               Greg      Hertzsch              Clark

County Council District 3               John      Harbeson            Clark

Jeffersonville Township Board    Teresa  Fisher    Clark


Elkhart County                                 

County Commissioner District 1 Harriet  Engle     Elkhart

County Council District 3               Scott      Baker    Elkhart


Delaware County                                            

County Auditor Bob        Trapp    Delaware

County Council District 2               Seth       Lemons Delaware

Center Township Assessor           John      Dobelbower       Delaware


Floyd County                                    

New Albany Township Board       Melanie               Hughes Floyd

Georgetown Township Trustee  Grace    Martin  Floyd


Franklin County                               

Assessor              Al            Barger   Franklin


Hamilton County                                             

Sheriff  David     Irish       Hamilton

County Council Dist. 1     John      Rutherford         Hamilton

County Council Dist. 2     Gregg    Puls        Hamilton

County Council Dist. 3     Terry     Baker    Hamilton

Clay Township Board      Rob        Beck      Hamilton



Sugar Creek Township Board       Linda     Pankawicz           Hancock


Hendricks County                                            

County Commissioner    Dan        Derrick  Hendricks

County Council District 1               Dennis  Derrick  Hendricks


Johnson County                               

Recorder             Brad       Manzenberger  Johnson

Assessor              Robert  Everline                Johnson

County Council District 4               Jody       Veldkamp           Johnson

White River Township Assessor Cheryl   Pearcy  Johnson

White River Township Trustee   Dann     Veldkamp           Johnson

White River Township Board       Bob        Pearcy  Johnson

Needham Township Board           Ed           Dilts       Johnson


LaPorte County                                

Sheriff  Dennis  Metheny             LaPorte

County Commissioner    Judy       Krassow               LaPorte

County Council 1st District            Doug     Barnes  LaPorte

County Council 2nd District          Walter  Hurt       LaPorte

County Council 3rd District           Bill          Fennell LaPorte

County Council 4th District           Don        Heichel LaPorte

Center Township Board Robert  Metheny             LaPorte

Center Township Board Christine              West     LaPorte

Coolspring Township Board         Debra    Buttrum               LaPorte

Coolspring Township Board         Chris      Putz       LaPorte

Coolspring Township Board         Kathy    Putz       LaPorte

Kankakee Township Board           Jeff        Williams               LaPorte

Wills Township Trustee John      Benson LaPorte


Marion County                                 

Sheriff  Barry     Campbell             Marion

Assessor              Lewis     Richardson          Marion

Auditor Dan        Drexler Marion

Clerk      Guy        Linville  Marion

Prosecutor          Kurt       St. Angelo           Marion

Recorder             Steve    Siroky    Marion

Judge    Mike      Caudill   Marion

Center Township Assessor           Dennis  Beatty   Marion

Center Township Trustee             Joell       Palmer  Marion

Center Township Constable         Michael Gangi    Marion

Lawrence Township Trustee        Ruth      Barnes  Marion

Perry Township Constable            Keith     Smedema           Marion

Perry Township Trustee David     Nelson  Marion

Pike Township Assessor Margaret             Kantz     Marion

Pike Township Trustee   Wayne  Kirk        Marion

Pike Township Constable              Jon         Roberts                Marion

Warren Township Constable       John      Taylor    Marion

Washington Township Assessor Gary      Proksch Marion

Washington Twnshp Sm. Claims Court Judge       Jame     Goldstein            Marion

Wayne Township Constable        John      Voelker Marion

Wayne Township Assessor           Brent     Wheler Marion

Wayne Township Trustee             John      England Marion

Wayne Township Small Claims Court Judge          Jay          Meisenhelder   Marion


Monroe County                               

Benton Township Board Arizeder               Urreiztieta          Monroe

Perry Township Board    Marc      Kerr       Monroe

Perry Township Board    Greg      Knott     Monroe

Richland Township Board              Margaret             Fette     Monroe

Washington Township Board       Mark     Burris    Monroe


Owen County                                   

Sheriff  Jim         Baughn Owen

Coroner               Darlene Dwyar-Kolster   Owen

County Commissioner District I  Barron  Barnett Owen

County Council District 1               Virginia Crawford             Owen

County Council District 3               Winnie  Baughn Owen


Parke County                                    

Sheriff  James   Hunt      Parke

County Commissioner District 3 Ron        Stevenson          Parke


Scott County                                     

County Council District 4               Joseph  Gonzalez             Scott


Steuben County                               

Pleasant Township Board              Ken        Bisson   Steuben


Sullivan County                                

Sheriff  Kay         Williams               Sullivan

Clerk      Melissa Persinger             Sullivan

County Council District 2               CH Boogie           Crafton Sullivan

County Council District 3               Ronald "Ron"     Wright  Sullivan

County Commissioner District 1 Todd      Pierson Sullivan

Cass Township Trustee  Robert Lee          Pierce   Sullivan

Curry Township Trustee Skip        Southwood        Sullivan

Curry Township Board    James   Lewis     Sullivan

Curry Township Board    Shelia Yeager     Watson Sullivan

Curry Township Board    John      Cross     Sullivan

Hamilton Township Trustee         Steven E.             Jerrell    Sullivan

Hamilton Township Board            Curtis L.                Wade    Sullivan

Hamilton Township Board            Janna R Barr        Sullivan

Hamilton Township Board            Ray         Berry, Jr.              Sullivan


Tippecanoe County                                        

Auditor David     Hinkle   Tippecanoe

Recorder             Dave      Hooper Tippecanoe

Tippecanoe Township Board       Randy   Young   Tippecanoe


Vigo County                                      

Sheriff  Martin  Cox        Vigo

Assessor              William Favre     Vigo

County Council District 2               Carl        Adams  Vigo

County Council District 3               Patrick  Render Vigo

County Council District 4               Johnnie Sancedio              Vigo

Harrison Township Assessor        Larry      Faulkner              Vigo

Praire Creek Township Board      Dan        Parker   Vigo


Wayne County                                 

County Commissioner District 1 Mark     Burton  Wayne

County Council District 2               Rex        Bell         Wayne

County Council District 3               Joel        Harris    Wayne

County Council District 4               Mark     Smith    Wayne

Clay Township Board      Marvin  Heacox Wayne

Clay Township Board      Conley  Tillson   Wayne

Jefferson Township Board            Julianne               Stout     Wayne

New Garden Township Board     John      Martin  Wayne

Monday, February 28, 2022

Currently Longest Serving Indiana Libertarian Appointee is Elected Elkhart County Libertarian Party Chair

Scott Baker has been elected as the Elkhart County Libertarian Chair.  Scott is on the Elkhart County Innskeepers Tax Commission, having first been appointed in 2006.  He was recently reappointed to another term on the Commission.    

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Libertarian Party of Indiana Secretary of State Candidates Through the Years - Who Will It Be in 2022?

Libertarian Party of Indiana Secretary of State candidates through the years:

1982; Steve Dasbach
1986: Karen Benson
1990: None
1994: Steve Dillon
1998: Steve Dillon
2002: Rebecca Sink-Burris
2006: Mike Kole
2010: Mike Wherry
2014: Karl Tatgenhorst
2018: Mark Rutherford
2022: ?????????????  (Nominating convention is first weekend in March of 2022).