Sunday, August 21, 2005

Justin Kempf's Last Day at State Headquarters

Justin Kempf's last day as an employee with the Libertarian Party of Indiana was Friday, August 19th. While he no longer is employed by the LPIN, Justin has enjoyed his stay in Indiana and plans on remaining here. He also anticipates remaining active as a volunteer with the LPIN.

Justin has been with the LPIN as either a contractor or employee since June of 2004. He's worked on many different projects and has helped the LPIN move forward in many ways. I anticipate we'll be reaping benefits from his work for a long time to come. His many accomplishments have included developing our own database of supporters, developing the small business television commercial and writing the two fund raising case statements.

I look forward to working with Justin in his new role as "volunteer" and wish him good luck with his new endeavors.

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Joe Hauptmann said...

I'm sorry to hear we are losing Justin. I wish him well in his future projects.