Sunday, August 28, 2005

Prohibitionists to Attack Small Businesses in Jasper, Terre Haute and Muncie. What's Next? Alcohol Again?

I received a voice mail today from Political Director Brad Klopfenstein. He's hearing from the "grape vine" that the anti-smoking prohibitionists are plotting action in Jasper, Terre Haute and Muncie. These look to be the latest targets in their efforts to tell small business owners what they can do with their businesses.

Call Brad at 317-920-1994 if you can volunteer to help in these efforts to fight the smoking bans. If we don't stop them now, McDonald's hamburgers and alcohol may be again in the targets of these self-described "reformers" out to control your lives.

One need is for volunteers to research the organizations promoting these bans and their financial contributors. There is a lot of government money out there that has been taken from the tobacco companies. We want to make sure it isn't being used directly or indirectly by these groups to fund their efforts to lobby communities for smoking bans. And if it is being used improperly, to report this activity and misuse of government money to the appropriate authorities.

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I'd be happy to do a little research for you. My email address is