Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Another Good Crowd at the Marion County Libertarian Party Meeting

Tonight's meeting of the Marion County Libertarian Party was well attended with nineteen people in attendance.

Tentative plans were made for a November 8th "no election in Indiana this year" party, as well as an holiday event between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Efforts were made to recruit volunteers to attend the Pagan Pride Festival at Broad Ripple Park this coming Saturday. A report was also given on a very successful LaPlaza Hispanic Festival booth last Saturday.

The meeting went quickly, as Chair Greg Dixon was heading over to the business part of the City-County council meeting to support Sheriff Anderson's opposition to the current plan to consolidate the Indianapolis and Marion County law enforcement departments. The plan as presently constituted is in violation of the Indiana Constitution (Sheriff of the county is an office created by the Indiana Constitution).

The meeting concluded with a presentation by Mike Kole, who is seeking the Libertarian nomination for Secretary of State in 2006.

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