Thursday, September 08, 2005

Breakfast with LPIN Political Director Brad Klopfenstein

Libertarian Party of Indiana Political Director Brad Klopfenstein and I had breakfast together this morning. We talked about the state of the party and our immediate needs.

Brad reported that he may have found someone who can help us with fund raising. She has a lot of experience with nonprofits. Hopefully, something will come from this.

We also talked about electing Libertarians to partisan office in 2006. As Brad has frequently stated, here are his goals for 2006:

1. 10% of the vote in the Secretary of State race;
2. Elect Libertarians to local office.

As he puts it to me and others, "(a)nything that doesn't fit that criteria (is) off my radar."

Lastly, I told Brad the two areas that I believe the State Party should concentrate on in 2005-06. They are (1) communications and (2) fund raising. I'm quickly getting to the point that, as Brad puts it, "(a)nything that doesn't fit that criteria (is) off my radar."

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