Thursday, September 15, 2005

LPIN Booth at Hispanic Festival

Kenn Gividen, Bartholomew County LP Chair, is organizing the Libertarian Party of Indiana booth for the LaPlaza 25th Anniversary Hispanic Festival in downtown Indianapolis this Saturday.

Mike Kole, who is seeking the LPIN nomination for Secretary of State in 2006, will be in attendance at the booth.

Robert Butler, Executive Director of the Ohio Libertarian Party, will be at the booth too. Robert is fluent in Spanish.

Mike's wife Ame is also fluent in Spanish. She will be at the festival staffing a booth for her employer, but we hope she'll stop by and visit the LPIN booth throughout the day.

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Christopher Bennett said...

It's nice to see a state LP getting involved in minority outreach. If the LPIN decides to do some outreach in the black community, let me know. I can sacrifice a weekend to help out.