Friday, September 02, 2005

Monroe County Libertarians At Work for Liberty

I received the following from Margaret Fette the other day about the accolades she received for the Libertarian redistricting plan:

"Mark & everyone,
thank you for all the kind remarks. I appreciate all of them, but remember I'm part of a wonderful team of Libertarians in Monroe County. In this instance Greg Knott, my vice chair and Rebecca Sink Burris helped through out this process. The best part is that all the work we did, making in roads with the media, really paid off. I was interviewed about the redisting (sic) map for the local AM station so from 6:10 AM til 5Pm my interview played on every local news break. This is also a first.
Margaret Fette"

Margaret makes a very good point - it often takes a team to be the most effective. Thanks for all your help too, Greg and Rebecca.

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