Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Official Announcement of Sixth District Meeting for October 15th

Greetings 6th District Libertarians and Friends;

6th District members and friends of the Libertarian Party of Indiana will meet Saturday, October 15th, at 6:00 P.M. in Hagerstown. The meeting will be held in the Jefferson Township Trustee's Office, 47 East Main Street (across from Welliver's Smorgasbord).

This will be our kick-off meeting for lining up candidates for the 2006 elections. Brad Klopfenstein, political director for the Libertarian Party of Indiana, will be on hand to answer questions concerning filing and running for office. We will also have some local ex-candidates to share their insights on running for office.

The 6th District has a solid Libertarian base, with 5 organized counties, a history of running candidates and excellent showings in elections. We have managed to elect officials in Delaware and Wayne Counties, and we have members serving on 6 boards in Henry and Wayne Counties. In countywide elections, our council and commissioner candidates have received 25 and 30 percent of the vote in their inaugural races.

In the 2003 Hagerstown elections, we elected a Libertarian to town judge, and missed electing a Libertarian to the town board by just 26 voters. The Libertarian candidates received 38% of the vote total in that election.

The 2006 elections hold a lot of promise for the Libertarian Party of Indiana. If you would like to take this opportunity to run for office and help move our government in a libertarian direction, or if you know of someone who would, please plan on attending this meeting.

After the meeting, anyone that is so inclined may join us Welliver's Smorgasbord for some excellent food and discussion.

Hope to see you there.
Rex Bell
Libertarian Party of Wayne County

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