Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pictures from Last Saturday's Central Committee Meeting

Here are pictures from last Saturday's meeting of the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. It was held at the headquarters of the Libertarian Party of LaPorte County.

I am in the foreground talking with former LPIN Secretary Don Heichel. Don recently returned from Afghanistan where he served with the Indiana National Guard. In the background, from left to right, are Sheri Conover Sharlow, Sam Goldstein and Fred Lutterman.

A partial picture of the Central Committee (at the table). From left to right - Jo Coleman, Ed Gluck, Gayle Bond, Sheri Conover Sharlow, Greg Kelver, Greg Hertzsch.

More members of the Central Committee and its employee. From right to left - Rick Bowen, James O'Gallagher, Sam Goldstein, Political Director Brad Klopfenstein, Todd Singer.

Vickey Kelver enjoys the lunch spread before the meeting, compliments of the LaPorte County LP.

From left to right, LPIN Treasurer Mike Runnebohm, a gentleman interested in the Libertarian Party whose name currently escapes me, Greg Kelver and Todd Singer listen intently to LPIN Vice Chair Sam Goldstein (back to camera).

The pictures were taken by Chuck Timm of the LaPorte County LP.

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