Saturday, October 15, 2005

Busy Weekend in Atlanta for Libertarians

The Advocates for Self-Government 20th Anniversary celebration has been quite a bit of fun.

Libertarians from across the United States are gathered together for fun and discussion. It's low stress and high energy, but little sleep.

These events are very important in order to share ideas and to get better. My list of things to do is growing. For example, an Oregon LP activist might be able to help a Libertarian friend get a libertarian-oriented project off the ground. I, of course, am going to make the connection between the two. With any luck, the goals of two Libertarians may be furthered.

Also, last night I talked with a couple of University of Georgia College Libertarians. I learned a lot about what's important to college students (of course it's not quite the same as when I was in college over 20 years ago).

Yesterday's lunch speaker was Congressman Ron Paul. As usual, it was a good talk and very interesting.

Today's luncheon speaker is Hugh Downs and he should be very interesting.

The Advocates is an educational organization and a nonprofit. The program is about effectively communicating libertarian ideas. For example, the speakers continually talk about discussing matters in a positive manner (cite the benefits) and not in a negative manner (don't cite the problems and dwell on "how bad things are".) I agree with their position - positive speech is much more persuasive in the long run than attacks and "woe are we" approaches.

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