Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dan Drexler New Executive Director of Libertarian Party of Indiana

Here's part of the most recent press release by the Libertarian Party of Indiana on Brad Klopfenstein's new position with the IBLA and new Executive Director Dan Drexler:

Topic: Libertarian Party of Indiana executive director taking position with Indiana Licensed Beverage Association; party names interim director.

Contacts: Brad Klopfenstein, LPIN executive director, 317-920-1994 or
Daniel Drexler, LPIN interim executive director, 317-920-1994

Klopfenstein takes experience to ILBA, vows to help LPIN

Executive director is looking forward to new opportunities for himself and the Libertarian party under incoming interim executive director

Brad Klopfenstein will take the experience he gained as executive director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, and share it with the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association, where he will be executive director.

"I loved my 5½ years with the Libertarian Party and am proud of the achievements we've made in that time," Klopfenstein said. "I will miss so much about my work here, but I prefer to focus on the future. I look forward to the new opportunities for myself in my new position. I look forward to the new opportunities that will come for the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association. And I look forward to the new opportunities for the Libertarian Party as Daniel Drexler becomes the interim director."

Drexler is taking a sabbatical from his distribution company - and from a business career in the private sector and government that has taken him to more than 50 countries - to work full time for the Libertarian Party.

"I'm both grateful for all Brad Klopfenstein has done for the Libertarian Party and hopeful for the party's future in Indiana," said Chairman Mark Rutherford. "Brad has built the relationships with the media and with the state Election Commission that will help our next director take the party to the next level."

Klopfenstein will step down November 4th and will start his new job November 7th. He added that he will continue to be active in the Libertarian Party. . . "

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Kenn Gividen said...

Dan Drexler has always been a class act.

Dan accompanied me when I spoke at the University of Indianapolis. His personable style enhanced a commanding knowledge of the issues at hand. The students who heard him speak were clearly impressed when he fielded a number of questions.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana is enriched by such talent!