Saturday, October 08, 2005

Daniels Proposes Another Republican Tax and Spend Policy

Governor Daniels has proposed another Republican led tax and spend policy. He wants to allow cities and counties to have the ability to further raise taxes. It is now obvious that the authority for Marion County and its ring counties to tax food and beverage sales at restaurants (in order to subsidize the Colts Stadium) is only the first step of the Republican tax and spend game plan.

Now Daniels claims that he wants this only if property taxes go down. But as Libertarians know - giving more taxing authority to elected and unelected government officials is like giving cars and whiskey to high schoolers for the weekend. It's not a good idea.

Indiana Libertarians - it's time to write letters to the editors and tell your friends and neighbors about this. Only the Indiana Libertarian Party is the party of limited government and lower taxes. It's clearly not the tax and spend Republicans.

(And by the way, the Republicans may some day want your property too - who knows when the next stadium will be planned for your yard or business - just ask the H.K. Hurst Company in downtown Indianapolis. Hurst's reward for being one of the few not fleeing downtown Indianapolis in the 1970's? The threatened confiscation of their facility to benefit an obviously better connected business - the Indianapolis Colts.)

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Jim Hurst said...

Mr. Rutherford,

You write: "And by the way, the Republicans may some day want your property too"

I think this issue has hit home with many Hoosiers. The amount of support we've had for our position has been overwhelming.

Thanks for your efforts on keeping us all informed.


Jim Hurst