Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Indiana Libertarian Kenn Gividen's School Day

Here's what Kenn has to say about his positive experience today at Columbus East High School:

"I spoke to two government classes at East High School today. Both were receptive and had many questions.

The second class took the World's Smallest Political Quiz -— including the teacher. All eagerly accepted the Click it or Ticket bumper stickers.

After the second class, the teacher mentioned the gubernatorial debate and invited me to speak to his larger class -— about 80 students -— next Tuesday. He specifically asked that I bring copies of the quiz for all the students.



Anonymous said...

Aren't the Libertarians against seatbelt laws?

Mark W. Rutherford said...

Libertarians are for people making rational decisions regarding seat belt use without government mandating their use.

The bumper stickers state:

"Just say NO to Click it or Ticket".

Check the archives to this blog for the origin of these stickers (Greg Kelver and the LaPorte County LP).

Ask your county chair for a copy.