Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Keeping in Touch with the News Media

Yesterday morning, I had breakfast with the publisher of a noted and influential Indiana publication.

Today, Libertarian Party of Indiana Political Director Brad Klopfenstein had lunch with a well know television reporter. He also ran across a well know reporter in both print and television during his lunch.

It's important that Libertarian leaders keep in touch with the news media. And our lunches and breakfasts let them know the good things going on with the Libertarian Party of Indiana. But more importantly, it shows that we are dedicated, normal people.

And the new media with whom we have lunch and breakfast are fun people too (we probably spend more time talking about baseball and other likewise serious topics, than about politics!).


Anonymous said...

Do you mind sharing which publisher you had breakfast with?

Mark W. Rutherford said...

Who are you anonymous? I don't "kiss and tell" on news media on such a public podium unless they directly ask me to do so. I'll talk to people in the LPIN about it who I know use good judgment on what they tell others.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't realize it was such a big secret. Why say anything about the meeting at all if you're going to be so defensive about a simple question? Are you hiding something?

I am a LPIN member. Why does my identity matter? Only a statist would worry about such a trivial detail.

I happen to know a publisher or two, and was curious if this might have been someone I know. I have no evil intentions, just curiosity.