Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Klopfenstein to Step Down as Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana

Here's the press release by the Libertarian Party of Indiana:

"Press Conference: Thursday, October 27th, 10:30am, Statehouse Room 101

Topic: Libertarian Executive Director Brad Klopfenstein to announce resignation; Introduce replacement

Contact: Brad Klopfenstein, 317-920-1994 or

Klopfenstein to step down as Libertarian Executive Director

New executive director to be introduced at Thursday press conference

Libertarian Party of Indiana Executive Director Brad Klopfenstein will announce that he will be leaving that post in a 10:30am Thursday press conference in Room 101 of the Indiana Statehouse. His replacement will then be introduced at that same press conference.

Klopfenstein has served as executive director for 5½ years, starting in March of 2000. He has served longer than any other Indiana Libertarian executive director, and is currently the 2nd longest serving state Libertarian executive director in the nation.

During his tenure, Indiana Libertarians have set vote and percentage records for Libertarian candidates in statewide, legislative, and local races. 6 of the 7 currently elected Libertarians in Indiana were first elected during this period, and all 8 appointed Libertarians began during this time as well. No political party other than Republicans and Democrats has been as successful as Libertarians in Indiana in over 80 years. Some of the state party's accomplishments during this time are as follows:

-Libertarian national convention held in Indianapolis in 2002
-7 Libertarians elected to local office
-8 Libertarians appointed to various boards and commissions
-161 Libertarian candidates appeared on the Indiana ballot in 2002
-Indiana Libertarian record for votes & percentage for a statewide race (year 2000; Sam Goldstein; Superintendent of Public Instruction; 80,239 votes; 4%)
-Indiana Libertarian record for vote percentage for Indiana Senate (year 2002; Debbie Huber-Harbeson; District 45; 15%)
-Indiana Libertarian record for total votes for Indiana Senate (year 2004; Brett Glaze; District 28; 5,930 votes)
-Indiana Libertarian record for vote percentage for Indiana House (year 2002; Clark Brittain; District 61; 25%)
-Indiana Libertarian record for total votes for Indiana House (year 2000; Mark McCauley; District 58; 3,820 votes)

The public is invited to attend Thursday's press conference. A full press release with information on the new executive director will be distributed at the press conference, and electronically on Thursday afternoon."

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