Wednesday, October 12, 2005

LPIN Advertising on WXNT 1430 AM in Indianapolis

The details have been arranged and the payment is being delivered tomorrow - and for the next 30 days or so the Libertarian Party of Indiana will have an advertisement on the WXNT web page and will have a handful of 10 second commercials spread out through the month on Abdul in the Morning.

WXNT 1430 AM is an Indianapolis talk radio station. Its Abdul in the Morning Show has grown significantly since it started about a year ago and is quickly becoming a show in which the R's, D's and L's want to make an appearance and talk about the issues with Abdul!

The advertisement on WXNT has been purchased by dedicated funds (the donor has qualified the use of the funds). The Libertarian Party of Indiana happily accepts restricted gifts that further its purposes and will run advertisements like this on WXNT and any other media outlets at the request of the donor.

The picture above is of Abdul during last night's book signing by Neal Boortz.

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Anonymous said...

You should all check out the new Libertarian focused show on WXNT called Free Talk Live. It's on Saturday nights from 7-9pm. This is some of the best talk radio I have ever heard.