Sunday, October 09, 2005

Michael Badnarik Acting Like a Candidate Should

Last night I talked with Michael Badnarik by telephone.

Badnarik was the 2004 presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party. His mother and father live in Hammond, Indiana and are active in the Libertarian Party of Lake County (and his mother Elaine was the Lt. Governor nominee of the Indiana LP in 2004).

I'm very pleased that Michael is working hard to build upon the organization and efforts that culminated in his nomination and run for president. He has a campaign manager and is targeting a run for Congress in Texas. He is facing a one-term incumbent.

We talked about what we can do to help each other (the Indiana LP and his congressional campaign). Of course, there are many things we can do to help each other - which the R's and D's have done for decades.

What impressed me is that Michael Badnarik and his campaign are making the calls to get this done.

With Michael's strong will, steadfast focus and devotion to Liberty - he just might surprise a few people in Texas in 2006.

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