Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More Outreach by Libertarian Kenn Gividen at Columbus East High School

Kenn Gividen reports on his presentation yesterday to another government class at Columbus East High School:

"I spoke to the government class at East High School today, the third such presentation in less than a week.

Today's class was attended by nearly 80 students. At the teacher's request, I gave each student the World's Smallest Political Quiz, then read each question as the students checked through their responses.

After explaining the core philosophy of Libertarians and the party history, the session was opened to questions. About half the students thought seatbelts should be mandatory, but reconsidered when I used their logic to suggest that crash helmets for all motorists also be mandatory. One student asked about the libertarian view on cloning; that was the first time I've ever been asked that question.

Amazingly, the kids were attentative (sic) and participated the entire 40 minutes.

The teacher walked me to the door, discussing libertarian views along the way. He voiced his support for toll roads and noted that, once a government program is enacted, it's nearly impossible to remove. He also agreed with our views on international military presence.

The teacher, as he did my previous visit, took a stack of the quiz to distribute later. He invited me to address his class again next semester."