Sunday, November 20, 2005

Second Regional Libertarian Small Business Initiative Conference a Success

I spent all day today at the Second Regional Libertarian Small Business Initiative Conference in Fort Wayne. It was a good event, with speakers such as Mark Schreiber, the person who came up with the small business initiative, Ron Reinking, a Fort Wayne CPA and contributor to the Indiana Policy Review and Jason Shelley, Indiana State Director of the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business). Libertarians from Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri and Indiana were in attendance.

Afterwards, a dinner party was held at the house of Jack and Hilary Evans. They were great hosts! Jack loves to cook, and cook he did - grilled rosemary chicken, beef medallions, taco lasagna, crab ragout, pumpkin soup (in real pumpkin bowls) - just to name a few of the dishes.

Doug Horner brought several bottles of single malt scotch, Mike Sylvester brought beer and someone brought wine - which complemented Jack's excellent dishes.

Kudos to Mike Sylvester, who organized the conference. Great job Mike!

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