Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Big Difference Between Libertarians and Republicans

I just received the following press release from the Mike Kole for Secretary of State campaign:


I invite you to check out a series of new entries on my blog entitled, "Why Libertarian". Here is a link to the most recent:

(Typed address removed for this blog entry - ed.) CLICK HERE TO LINK TO ENTRY.

I am writing this series in response to multiple inquiries made of me about the difference between Libertarians and Republicans. As you may know, I reside in Hamilton County, which has gained the reputation of being the most Republican county in Indiana. My aim is to make it the most Libertarian county in Indiana. There are a great many fiscal conservatives here, and while they may have believed that their most appropriate vote was 'R', I'm making it my job to show them that they are wasting their votes by voting 'R', and that they should be voting 'L' if they want smaller government and lower taxes.

Please feel free to comment on the blog or directly to me by email.


Mike Kole seeks the Libertarian nomination for Secretary of State in 2006."

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