Sunday, December 18, 2005

Libertarian Activist Mike Kole Continues to Explain Why Republicans Aren't Libertarians

Mike Kole's entry of today on his blog Kole Hard Facts again points out the major differences between Libertarians and Republicans. His latest entry is also titled "Why Libertarian?".

Kole takes on the Republican governments of Hamilton County and how its Republican leaders are falling all over themselves to implement the government transportation systems that have failed so miserably in Marion County (Indianapolis). These so-called "leaders" make the Democrats blush with envy on how quickly they want to spend tax dollars for very little benefit, if any.

As a reminder, Kole is talking about the "nanny state" city, town and county governments in Hamilton County. All of the government entities in Hamilton County are dominated by Republicans. There is rarely any competition from the Democrats.

Kole is seeking the Libertarian Party of Indiana nomination for Secretary of State in 2006.


Taylor W. Buley said...

... there's also the big difference between Libertarians and small-l libertarians.

Mark W. Rutherford said...

Interesting comment - what are those big differences? And are those differences exhibited by Hoosier Libertarians?