Saturday, December 03, 2005

Libertarian Party of Indiana Working to Create E-Philanthropy Fund Raising Program

E-Philanthropy is taking its place in the fund raising world along with such concepts as direct mail, major donor program, pledge program and capital campaigns.

E-Philanthropy is the comprehensive use and integration of the internet and email for fund raising and communications. Organizations are learning how to use it effectively, which is connecting with potential donors who want to support your organization, as well as keeping them informed of the organization's progress. An important part of a successful E-Philanthropy program is high standards of ethics, privacy and security.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana is working to develop a comprehensive E-Philanthropy program. It is a priority of LPIN Executive Director Dan Drexler and the LPIN has a consultant working with him. Recently, a secured site was added to the Libertarian Party of Indiana website to allow for secured on-line donations. Check it out at and click "Contribute" in the upper right hand corner.

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