Friday, December 23, 2005

Three Libertarian Activists on JEPAC Board of Directors

Here's the Board of the Indianapolis Bar Association Judicial Excellence Political Action Committee (JEPAC)

Chair: Christine H. Hickey
Treasurer: James Dimos
Directors: Pfenne P. Cantrell, Michael E. Caudill, John M.T. Chavis II, Daniel Cueller, Jame S. Goldstein, Jennifer M. Lukemeyer, W. Tobin McClamroch, David L. Rimstidt, Martha T. Starkey, Alan S. Townsend

Pfenne Cantrell, Michael Caudill and Jame S. Goldstein are all Libertarian activists. Cantrell has worked election day for Libertarian candidates. Caudill has run for judge as a Libertarian. Goldstein has run for judge as a Libertarian, served as 2003 LPIN State Convention Chair, and been active in innumerable ways over the years.

JEPAC just sent out their questionnaire to lawyers about the known Marion County judicial candidates for 2006. It's good to see that it had Libertarian input.

Kudos to these activists for being active in the community too.

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