Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wayne County Libertarian Chair Rex Bell is Quoted Extensively about the Wayne County EDC in the Richmond Palladium-Item

Libertarian Party of Wayne County Chair Rex Bell is quoted extensively in today's Richmond Palladium-Item. The topic of the article is the Wayne County Economic Development Commission. Bell points out that private business is usually much better at growing business then government is with its efforts to grow business in an area. The article is titled "Residents react to EDC".

A local business owner points out that the Wayne County EDC has visited him only one time and never followed up with him. He complains that they only try to bring in new business, and not help existing businesses.

When you read the article you'll wonder if whether the reason this business owner doesn't get attention from the Wayne County EDC is because there isn't a trip to some exotic location involved to "recruit new businesses".

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