Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year! - Kenn Gividen is Raising Money for a Christmas Gift to Me to Support Indiana Libertarian Blogs

Kenn Gividen sent this out by email yesterday and I hear people are actually giving him money for this! Many, many thanks from me to all of you! Many, many thanks to Kenn for doing this. Happy New Year!

To email Kenn about this - remove the dollar signs and send an email to the following address: $$ (be sure to remove the dollar signs - they are there to foil spammer's trolling for email addresses).

Here's his email:

"I'm buying a Christmas gift for Mark Rutherford that will cost $750.

Mark asked for a link from an Indiana newspaper to his blog. So I bought it. The problem is that I, uh, don't have that much money, so...

Please let me know ASAP how much you can donate to Mark's ad!

The ad will be placed on the Noblesville Daily Times web site.

Why the Times?

. The Noblesville Times is friendly to our candidates
. They publish most of our Writers' Bureau articles
. The have 60,000 hits per month
. The are in Mike Kole's home county

Now here's the good news...

The ad will include a drop down menu allowing viewers to click directly to other Libertarian blogs. These will include blogs by Rex Bell, Deb Harbeson, Mike Sylvester, Mike Kole and so on. It's like getting many, many ads FOR ONE LOW PRICE.

The link from The Noblesville Times will cost $125 per month and will run up to six months. That's $750.

. Will you donate $125 for one month?
. $62.50 for half a month?
. Even $25 will help

Up-front payment is required for political-style ads. I need to have money IN HAND to finalize Mark's gift. Your immediate response will be appreciated.

Kenn Gividen

ps - By the way, this is a gift to Mark Rutherford. Mark is the ONLY PERSON who is not allowed to donate to this project!

Please let me know today or tomorrow how much you can donate to Mark's ad."

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Robert Enders said...

We could probably do a lot to increase traffic on each other's blogs if we put up links to each others blogs on our own blogs. While there are a lot of LP blogs in this state (a good thing!) it would help out if everybody posted links to, say, their top ten favorite blogs. Any much more than that and the list gets cluttered.