Sunday, January 15, 2006

NFIB State Director Jason Shelley Gets How Small Business Is Likely to Suffer Under Any Current Proposed Property Tax "Reform"

National Federation of Independent Business Indiana State Director Jason Shelley has a "My View" column in today's Indianapolis Star. Shelley's "My View" column is titled "High taxes are threat to small businesses". He states: "NFIB/Indiana found in a March 2005 survey that 74 percent of its members opposed legislation that would provide local units of government more fiscal flexibility. Small-business owners assert government should not raise taxes and should instead live within its means."

This is exactly the sentiments of the Libertarian Party of Indiana!

Both the NFIB and the LPIN are concerned about the current property tax debate and how it will effect small businesses.

The LPIN is very vocal in expressing its concerns that Daniels' proposed shift of taxation to local authorities is just a way to raise more taxes. As small business owners like myself understand, a disproportionate amount will come from small business. Corporations will continue to get tax abatements, which are not available to small business owners. However, small business owners have higher property taxes to make up for the revenue lost from the tax abatements to the mega-corporations.

And if Daniels has his way, local government will tax us more because "we're just business and have the money anyway". Of course, it will cause numerous situations in which one less person will be employed and salaries of current employees will not be raised.

But why not raise the taxes on small business owners - someone has to pay for those tax abatements to those poor deprived mega-corporations - don't they?

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Rex Bell said...

I let my membership to the NFIB lapse. I'll rejoin as soon as they endorse even one Libertarian candidate for a state office.