Monday, January 30, 2006

Singer and Rutherford Back In Indianapolis - Drexler Staying a Couple of Days to Visit Friends

Todd Singer and I got back from the State Chairs' Conference at around 8 am this morning. We took the Phoenix to Detroit "red eye" flight all night, and a short very early morning flight from Detroit to Indianapolis.

Past national Libertarian Party Chairman Dr. James Lark, who is the Keynote Speaker at this weekend's College Libertarian Conclave at the University of Indianapolis, was also on the Phoenix to Detroit flight. He continued on this morning to his home in Virginia.

Libertarian Party of Indiana Executive Director Dan Drexler is staying a couple of days past the conference to visit with friends.

This year's State Chairs' Conference was the best one yet. I've been to every one since they were restarted in 2001 in Indianapolis.

Todd Singer found the training on FEC compliance and filing to be very beneficial. I was very pleased to see an excellent program presented on fundraising. Kudo's to George Squyres, Patrick Dixon, Jeremy Keil and all the others who put it together.

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Michael said...

So, can we expect to hear what your big announcement was, as reported by

Inquiring minds DO want to know!