Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wabash College Libertarians? Looks Like It Is Going to Happen

Wabash College is located in Crawfordsville, Indiana. I graduated from there in 1982. It most certainly contributed to me eventually becoming an activist in the Libertarian Party of Indiana.

One of my professors was Economics Professor Benjamin Rogge. He described himself as a "classical liberal". By today's standards, he was a libertarian (he died many years ago). Rogge had a huge impact at Wabash for he was one of its academic giants. Milton Friedman was known to tell people that Rogge deserved more credit and attention than him!

And Rogge invited 1976 LP presidential candidate Roger McBride to speak at the campus during the presidential campaign, which McBride did do. A young undergraduate named William Hall attended the program and quickly became a Libertarian. Bill is now legal counsel for the Libertarian National Committee.

I'm talking with a Wabash sophomore who wants to organize the Wabash College Libertarians. This undergraduate belongs to a prestigious social fraternity and is a member of an organization of distinguished campus leaders that is very selective. He is of high quality and looks to be a do'er and leader. I believe he will follow through and create quite a group there. I hope to report more positive news about this in the near future.

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