Thursday, February 02, 2006

ACLU of Indiana Has Interesting Series of Discussion Programs Beginning February 7th

The ACLU of Indiana is kicking off an interesting discussion series. The topics should be of interest to Libertarians. Here's the release on it from the ACLU of Indiana:

"Our “First Tuesdays” series kicks off a week from today, from noon to 12:50 pm on February 7th at the IRT, 140 West Washington Street in Indianapolis. The first discussion is entitled “Intelligent Design in Science Class?” Presenters are William H. Ball, Jr., Director of the Center for Scientific Creation and Dr. David Stocum of the IUPUI School of Science.

The remaining ”First Tuesdays” schedule through June of 2006 is:

March 7 Spying on Americans: Where Do We Draw the Line?
April 4 Is a Voter Identification Law Necessary?
May 2 Should Same-Sex Marriage Be Legal?
June 6 Is Torture Ever Justified?"

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