Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Libertarian Party of LaPorte County is Advertising on Local Radio

The Libertarian Party of LaPorte County is advertising on local radio, as reported by Central Committee District Representative Greg Kelver:

"South Central is a very small (Under 1000 students total K-12) school district in Southern LaPorte County (Union Mills). The girls high school basketball team is ranked second in the state in its class. Great combination of small town education and the spirit of old time Indiana high school basketball at its best. Last night, the Libertarian Party of LaPorte County was one of the game sponsors for the radio coverage broadcast by Regional Radio on WEFM-FM, Michigan City. The game was between South Central and Culver. We had four ad spots on the game and Friday night we will again be a game sponsor for the broadcast coverage of the game between South Central and Michigan City Marquette.

The message that radio listeners heard from the LPLP was: The Libertarian Party of LaPorte County would like to offer congratulations to all of our student athletes who have learned the value of working hard and playing fair. You have a great future directly ahead - so make your voice heard and your vote count. Please register to vote and get actively involved with the political process in our area. To find out more about Indiana Libertarians and LaPorte County'’s fastest growing political party, please visit us online at - or just call us at (877) SOS-LPLP for more information."

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A Christian Prophet said...

You might be interested... a message directly from the Holy Spirit today on the Christian Prophecy blog says that government will someday be funded totally voluntarily without taxation. This seems like a strong selling point.