Friday, February 17, 2006

New Place to Order Libertarian Party Supplies

I'll make a long story short - but campaign finance speech restriction laws have forced the national LP to get out of the brochure and supplies business.

However, new arrangements have been made. Here's a part of the latest release on it from the LP:

"At the last meeting of the Libertarian National Committee, a contract was awarded to National Electronic Type of Topeka, Kansas to sell LP-related goods and to serve as the official merchandiser of the Libertarian Party.

National Electronic Type has put a great deal of work into creating a new web site for the products which is now live at

On the site you will find the products that were formerly included in the "Liberty Store" at will also be expanding their product line by offering other goods such as t-shirts and hats. They have even continued our t-shirt design contest in order to get unique ideas for products.

Take a minute to visit and be sure to stock up on materials. Additionally, if you have any ideas for LP merchandise, don't hesitate to write to"

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