Saturday, February 25, 2006

Porter County Activist Sums Up LPIN Positions on Major Moves

Tom Riley, a Libertarian Party of Porter County activist, nicely sums up the LPIN position on Daniels' Major Moves fiasco:

"The Libertarians are not against leasing or selling the interstates in general, and encourage turning them all into private toll ways. However, since the taxpayers have already paid for those roads, the taxpayers should also be assured that they are getting the best sale/lease terms possible to recoup that investment. Gov. Daniels' recent actions regarding the toll road lease/sale do not assure us that we are getting the best possible return for our investment."

He also outlines the LPIN's alternative to Major Moves:

. . . (O)ffer the toll road back to the people of Indiana by making a public offering to the citizens of the state in a privatized toll road authority. This plan would provide the benefits of the current proposal - removing the burden of overseeing the business of the toll road from the state and raising immediate cash for use on other projects - while also allowing the taxpayers who paid for the road in the first place to become real, private owners that could personally recoup returns on that investment by becoming stockholders."

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