Saturday, February 04, 2006

Wayne and Henry County Libertarian Party Man Concession Stand

Rex Bell, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Wayne County reports as follows:

"The Libertarian Parties of Wayne and Henry County joined forces to man the concession stand at Hagerstown High School's basketball game Friday night. The LP often volunteers to help out at football and basketball games, and has even taken care of 'scoop shovel duty' at Donkey Basketball games. It makes for a good time for our members and some good exposure for the party."

Hey, that's nacho cheese!" Karen and Mariellen Miller from the Henry County LP added their culinary expertise when we worked the concession stand for the Hagerstown/Northeastern basketball game.

Brian Golliher, Wayne County LP'er and member of the Hagerstown Plan Commission, and Brad Miller of the Henry County LP work the counter of the concession stand.

Gayle Bond, Wayne County LP'er and 6th District Representative for the LPIN, puts his bartending skills to work serving up soft drinks.

Juli Stout, Wayne County LP Secretary stocks up on popcorn for the half-time rush."

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