Monday, February 27, 2006

Wayne and Henry County LP to Hold Combined Convention

Here's the press release from Rex Bell, chair of the Libertarian Party of Wayne County:

"Greetings Wayne County Libertarians and Friends;

The Libertarian Party of Wayne County will hold its 2006 nominating convention on Saturday, April 1st, at 6:00 P.M. in Hagerstown. The meeting will be held in the Jefferson Township Trustee'’s Office, 47 East Main Street (across from Welliver'’s Smorgasbord).

In addition to nominating candidates for local offices, we will also be electing officers for the LPWC.

This year we are holding a combined convention with the Henry County LP, which is getting off to a good start on their reorganization. The HCLP will be electing officers at this convention, also.

With all of the new local option taxes that the state is considering this year, it is imperative that we get candidates running for council and commissioner positions in order to keep these issues in the public eye. Win or lose, we have an excellent opportunity to hold the big government Republicans and Democrats accountable when they consider implementing these new taxes.

The 2006 elections hold a lot of promise for the Libertarian Party of Indiana. If you would like to take this opportunity to run for office, or to help someone run for office, and help move our government in a libertarian direction, or if you know of someone who would, please plan on attending this meeting.

Also at this meeting, we will discuss our first fund-raiser of the year. The Wayne and Henry County LP'’s will be in charge of the concession stand at the April 22nd auction on the Myron Bell farm near Mooreland.

After the meeting, anyone that is so inclined may join us Welliver'’s Smorgasbord for some excellent food and discussion.

Hope to see you there.
Rex Bell
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Wayne County"

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