Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yesterday A Great Day for the Libertarian Party of LaPorte County

I received this report from 2nd District Representative Greg Kelver this morning:

". . .Yesterday was an excellent day for the LPLP. LaPorte County Chairman Doug Barnes was on WCOE radio throughout the day with clips on the news about the Toll Road issue. He was followed by the LaPorte County Republican Chairman so that the local listeners could do a direct side by side comparison of how much more sensible the Libertarians were than the Republicans on the Toll Road issue. Democratic Chairman must have been AWOL. Letter to the editor was published in both the Michigan City News-Dispatch and LaPorte Herald Argus although both had to edit heavily because of space constraints. News-Dispatch did allocate more space for the letter. We will be posting it on our website so voters can see the whole letter and some more of the ideas we are advocating that we believe could have made it a better plan if the Governor would have taken time to let a proper public debate (or one more election) occur. Last night, I asked the LaPorte City Council some questions about the incident that happened Friday at the meeting with Governor Daniels. I fully understand why they would not want to respond without consulting counsel."

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