Thursday, March 09, 2006

Barry Manilow Show On PBS Tonight - Here's Reprint of My Entry From September "Libertarians Should All Observe a Barry Manilow Concert"

I posted this on 9/21/05:

"My wife and I are taking a short break and are in Las Vegas. She's a fan of Barry Manilow, so we went to his show tonight.

The show was great - full of emotion, entertainment, video graphics, confetti, glow sticks, videos on large screens, etc. He had a message in his music. Everyone felt good and was happy by the end of the show.

Emotion and visuals are what most voters respond to - in my opinion. They don't respond to learned treatises, no wonder how well they are written. They don't respond to 5,000 word letters to the editor. They don't respond to brochures that are all words and no graphics.

I have a feeling if we conveyed the Libertarian message in ways that Manilow conveys his messages in his music, we'd get a lot of people elected - and without sacrificing principle - only sacrificing ineffective ways of communication."


Ed said...

My brother who is a Manilow fan would like to know if he is libertarian. Do you know?

Mark W. Rutherford said...

I don't know.

Prabbler said...

Ed...I don't know about your brother, but Manilow has always given money to Democrat candidates.