Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Democrat Governor Daniels is For Full Day Kindergarten

Democrat Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is for full-day kindergarten and more state control over children as described in The Indianapolis Star today.

I think Daniels is a Democrat. Aren't Republicans for smaller government and freedom for individuals to make their own decisions - or is that the Libertarians? Whatever it is, full-day kindergarten certainly isn't smaller government and more freedom for parents to do what's best for their children. Thus Daniels must be a Democrat because they have consistently seen additional government as a good thing.

I wonder if he will seek the Democrat nomination for governor in 2008?


LP Mike Sylvester said...

He may have to seek the Democratic nomination.

There are so many "grass roots" Republicans mad at him in northern Indiana that he may be looking for a new Party and The Libertarians certainly would not want him...

Mike Sylvester

Ed Gluck said...

I believe our man of the Big Pharma may run for Prez in '08. He would probably break the 51% barrier. I.e. the FDA will be approving drugs with a 40% cure rate and a 51% kill rate. Never mind the bad publicity, on announcing his run we should buy Big Pharma stocks.