Thursday, March 02, 2006

Harry Browne Has Passed Away - 1996 and 2000 LP Presidential Candidate

According to a notice just sent out by Jim Babka of Downsize D.C., Harry Browne passed away last night.

Harry ran as the 1996 and 2000 Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate. He was a special friend of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, making campaign stops here during both campaigns. He also made a special appearance in Indiana in 1998 to help the LPIN raise funds for the Secretary of State race. He also participated in a major donor event for the LPIN during the 2002 LP National Convention in Indianapolis.


Mike Kole said...

Sad news. Harry Browne is the reason I joined the Libertarian Party, back in 1996.

I had the pleasure of meeting Harry at the 2002 national convention in Indianapolis. I was a Cleveland resident at the time, and I shared the story of how I put Harry Browne into the #2 position in my home precinct, as Geroge Bush received zero votes in that very heavily unionized precinct. Harry enjoyed a good laugh.

Sad news. Harry will be missed.

Joe Hauptmann said...

I will miss Harry. Even though we did not agree on everything, he was a man of honor and integrety. He was also a true gentleman.

Libertarian Party of Indiana said...

I'm with Mike on this one. He's the reason I'm around this party. (Well, Kurt St. Angelo had a bit to do with it, also.)

Dan Drexler