Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hendricks County Libertarian Party Planning Strategy to Fight Foes of Private Property

The Hendricks County Libertarian Party is gearing up its efforts to fight the enemies of private property. At the last meeting of the Avon Town Council, a proposed smoking ban was set for the agenda of a special meeting on May 13th.

Hendricks County LP activists were at the last meeting, and passed out brochures to small business owners concerned about the erosion of their private property rights. County Chair Todd Singer reported very disturbing comments made by the enemies of property rights.

It's ironic that the president of the Avon Town Council grew up in a communist country. She told the Hendricks County Flyer that "“I came from a Communist country and this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do, telling people what to do."

I've got a simple answer for her - she should remember her experiences and not tell other people what to do with their own private property.

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Mike Kole said...

It is interesting to note that the councilors are using references to totalitarian regimes themselves with regards to this issue.

You will recall that a Greenwood councilor referred to her city's smoking ban as "Gestapo"... and she was for it! Now this Avon councilor associates their proposed ban with Communism.

It had been previously considered inflammatory when Libertarians made such associations, and yet they themselves acknowledge it to be so. Let us hope the voters agree and vote Libertarian, where we plainly advertize our association with freedom.