Sunday, March 19, 2006

Indianapolis School Board Candidate Barry Campbell Has a Letter to the Editor in Today's The Indianapolis Star

Libertarian activist Barry Campbell is seeking an at-large position on the Indianapolis Public Schools board this Spring.

He has a letter published in today's The Indianapolis Star, that makes a very good point. He's for moving all school board elections to the November election. It is titled "Some more issues about primary voting system".

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Mike Kole said...

Barry makes excellent points.

I am looking forward to November and earning at worst 10%, so that the Libertarian Party becomes a major party in Indiana, and at least a temporary participant in the primaries.

I say temporary because I expect the other two parties to suddenly see the light once the LPIN is in the game. I expect Ds & Rs to no longer be interested in making the public foot the bill for what should be, as Barry says, party business, and as such, paid for by the parties.