Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Past Libertarian Party of Indiana Executive Director Brad Klopfenstein On Unintended Consequences of New Time Switch

Brad Klopfenstein, current executive director of the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association, is featured in an Inside Indiana Business article on the unintended consequence of the new time switch on Saturday - lost revenue at restaurants, bars and taverns during the NCAA Final Four in Indianapolis. Here him speak on the Inside Indiana Business website "Bars, Restaurants to Take Financial Hit With Time Switch".

Isn't it ironic that the switch in time touted by Democrat Governor Daniels as an economic benefit is going to start out costing Indianapolis businesses at least $250,000?

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Mike Kole said...

I kind of enjoyed the Governor's waive of the hand dismissal of the law. Could he make himself truly useful and waive his hand at the state income tax for, say, the rest of his term? That would be excellent!

Pretty cool to rule by fiat, no?