Monday, April 24, 2006

Bully Daniels Files "Slap" Request Against Citizens Challenging Constitutionality of Major Moves Legislation

See this article in the Indianapolis Star titled "State slaps back at 'Moves' opponents" which details how the state of Indiana and the Daniels administration is seeking a $3.8 Billion dollar bond from the plaintiffs who have filed the Major Moves legislation.

Now we know Daniels is a bully - why vote Republican ever again if he's their ring leader?

This is how bully's act - do it my way or I'll ruin you.

As a lawyer, I find this to be an interesting tactic and it may be allowable. As a citizen looking for good government, and the promotion of open discourse, I find this to be unethical. Shame on Daniels and the State of Indiana. This is a low point in its "leaders" history.

Remember this and remind voters in November that Daniels is a bully. He's not for the everyday person. He's for what he wants and to "heck" with public openness, explaining his policies to the public and getting public acceptance.

I'm speaking to more and more former Republicans who tell me that they are very disturbed that Daniels doesn't see the need to educate the public on his ideas. Instead they see a Worldcom or Enron type corporate CEO who slashes and burns to get what he wants.

Bully Daniels - Indiana government is not a corporation. Bully Daniels - the Indiana Constitution is mandatory - not optional at your whims.

First NK Hurst, then Major Moves opponents - are you next? (I bet he files a libel lawsuit against me - hope he remembers that the truth is a defense).

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