Sunday, April 02, 2006

Busy Day For State Chairman Yesterday

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. The Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Indiana met in Bloomington at the MCL Cafeteria. It was a monumental meeting for the Central Committee decided to form an FEC committee. Todd Singer of Hendricks County was selected to be a director on the Central Committee with the role of Assistant Treasurer responsible for FEC filings, reports and compliance in general.

With our growth, the LPIN is getting closer to crossing the minimum thresholds that currently exempt us from having to form an FEC committee. While we generally find most of what the FEC enforces to be unconstitutional, and that which is not to be poor public policy, the reality is that it has a much bigger "stick" than we do. Compliance is a matter of priorities (comply with burdensome but doable reporting requirements or get engaged in resource draining lawsuits that focus us away from winning elections in which we can eventually do away with onerous parts of the laws and regulations the FEC enforces? Compliance seems to be the best use of our resources).

After the meeting I went to Hagerstown for the Wayne and Henry County annual conventions. It was very well attended. Congratulations to Rex Bell who was reelected chair of the Wayne County LP. Congratulations to Bryan Miller who was elected chair of the Henry County LP. Many thanks to Mariellen Miller, who stepped down as chair of Henry County, for her work with the revitalization of Henry County.

Lastly, many, many thank to Rex and Susan Bell for buying my dinner at Welliver's! This is greatly appreciated.

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