Saturday, April 08, 2006

Governor Daniels - Riddle Me This - And from where will the money come in 20 years for Indiana's highways?

Slate has an interesting article on Major Moves titled "Lost Highway -
The foolish plan to sell American toll roads to foreign companies."

While I'm in favor of plans to return as much as our economy as possible to private means and sources in a responsible manner - I'm not in favor of doing it at a poor price. Everything about Major Moves looks to me that the Spanish-Aussie Consortium is taking Indiana for a ride. I don't blame the consortium for being so excited about this. I blame quick fix tax and spend large government Republicans like Governor Daniels.

I especially like the following from the Slate article - "For Daniels ‚— who failed to live up to his nickname ("The Blade") when he served as director of the Office of Management and Budget in the first Bush administration . . ." The author has correctly noticed that Daniels is a typical tax and spend large government Republican. At least the Democrats generally admit they believe in large tax and spend governments.

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Nicolas Martin said...

Nice sentiment in the Adams quote about voting for principle, but that is exactly what the national and Indiana LPs have forsaken, and why the party is a shell of its former self. The Indiana LP has featured tepid candidates whose views are little more than warmed over Republicanism. (Horning was somewhat of an exception.)

LP founder David Nolan discusses the party's abandonment of principle and the need to re-radicalize.