Saturday, April 15, 2006

Latest Update From the Mike Kole Campaign -Libertarian for Secretary of State

Supporters & Friends-

This has been an outstanding two week period for the Kole Campaign! Here are some exciting details:

* The Campaign Team is coming together! Rob Place was hired as a paid Campaign Manager. Sheri Conover Sharlow signed on as Media Coordinator, and Ken Johnson has signed on to become the Campaign Treasurer, effective next week! Volunteers have been coming forward for everything from pledging to work the polls on election day to heading up special projects. It's very gratifying to see it come together!

* Mike was on Indianapolis radio station WXNT 1430-am for two one-hour appearances in the past two weeks, including today.

* Mike's press release on the nature of taxpayer-funded primaries, and his call for the Ds & Rs to self-fund and spare the taxpayers, has been picked up for the April 17 edition of the Indiana Legislative Insight.

* The LP News staff publishes a monthly targeted to the financial supporters of the national party, and has chosen Mike as a featured candidate for the May edition. Mike made it a point to state that we have excitement to work with, as we aim to gain Major Party status with a 10% finish in November.

* Promotional items are in production. The bumper stickers are old news, but banners, t-shirts, and golf balls even are in the works. This is a cmapaign that is going to look great.

* Donations are over the $10,000 threshold! Many, many thanks to those who have contributed. If you have not contributed to the Kole Campaign, now is the time! The money will be well spent, on first class promotional items, direct mail to constituent groups such as property owners in targeted forced annexation areas, and advertising. We are going to reach more Hoosiers than every before, and with the repetition that builds name recognition and votes. Mail contributions to:

Committee To Elect Mike Kole
7916 Turkel Drive
Fishers IN 46038

Or visit the campaign website and donate online:

Please be certain to attend your county convention, and the state convention.
Go to for full details. A full state convention at the nomination will present best to the media. Let's show them the excitement behind the cause of liberty!

Yours in Liberty-
-Mike Kole

This message authorized and paid for by the Committee to Elect Mike Kole; Ame Langmack, Treasurer.

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