Sunday, April 23, 2006

Libertarian Party of Indiana Central Committee for 2006-07

Here are the District Representatives selected for 2006-07 to date:

1st District James O'Gallagher
2nd District Greg Kelver
3rd District None Selected
4th District David Washburn
5th District None Selected
6th District None Selected
7th District Travis Cross
8th District Jeff Thomas
9th District Greg Hertzch

Continuing to serve on the Central Committee will be the following whose terms of office end at the 2007 annual convention:

Chair: Mark Rutherford
Vice-Chair: Sam Goldstein
Secretary: Rebecca Sink-Burris
Treasurer: Mike Runnebohm

Director (Communications Portfolio): Sheri Conover Sharlow
Director (Assistant Treasurer for FEC Matters Portfolio): Todd Singer

Many thanks to Rick Bowen (3rd) Jo Coleman (7th) and Ed Gluck (8th) who are leaving the Central Committee but who will still be leading the party at other levels.

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