Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Libertarians Sylvester and Campbell Running for School Board - Sympathetic Candidates Also Running in Northern Marion County

This was sent out today by Executive Director Dan Drexler on the Marion County races. There also is Sylvester's race in Allen County:

"Dear Marion County Libertarians:

We have two key races this primary that warrant our attention and efforts.
I ask that you consider our needs detailed here and let me know directly if you can help us in anyway on Tuesday, May 2nd.

*************** Indianapolis Public Schools **********************

Indianapolis Public Schools: Our own Barry Campbell is running a solid campaign for hotly contested at-large seats for the IPS school board. While the race is non-partisan, let no one question Barry's intentions to keep a watchful stewardship over the state's largest money pit.

Barry needs: Poll workers for IPS polling stations. At a minimum, he needs you to get out the vote. VOTE! Don't worry about pulling a Democrat or Republican ballot. But, you can go and request your school board ballot.
Let's put Barry over the top and give him the win he's worked to gain for these years. POLL WORKERS and VOTE!


**************** MSD Washington Township Schools *******************

MSDWT: Sam Goldstein, Jame Goldstein and myself have been quite involved with what started as a remonstrance for a $90 million bond issue in the township. Through the efforts of the Washington Township Concerned Citizens
(WTCC) tri-partisan working group, we successfully negotiated that amount down to $50 million. There's room to do more.

WTCC is running two solid candidates who share our fiscally responsible agenda -- Greg Wright and Don Barr.

WTCC needs: POLL WORKERS and VOTERS. Please don't stay home. This race is too important to risk our guys losing. We need everyone out and voting in the school board races. If you live in Washington Township, please share this part of the email with friends and family. Stress the message of property tax watchdogs, responsible management and an emphasis on a healthy balance between academic funding and facilities. Stress further that facilities will win over academics if our guys don't get on this board.

PAID POSITIONS AVAILABLE: The LPIN is not allowed access to polls on primary election days since we self-fund a convention where we select our party candidates. However, we can serve as paid officials -- inspectors and judges. It makes for a long day, but who better to monitor elections than those without a direct vested interest and a clear vision of what is fair!?
If you want to work the elections, please contact me directly and I will forward you details.


VOTE VOTE VOTE.... Please make these school board races a priority and stress the same to our friends and family members. This is as local as it gets and where we can truly see the impact of our party's growth.

In liberty,

Dan Drexler
Executive Director
Libertarian Party of Indiana"

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