Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lunch with Kenn Gividen

Today I had lunch with Kenn Gividen, the 2004 Libertarian gubernatorial candidate for Indiana. We discussed the LP, of course, and our successes and growth.

The discussion got to the "wasted vote" myth. Kenn told me that in 2004 he told a local TV reporter words to this effect: "If a vote for a Libertarian is wasted, then you're telling me a vote for a Democrat in Hamilton County is wasted and a vote for a Republican in Lake County is wasted." Kenn said that this positively changed the reporter's attitude about the "wasted vote" myth our opponents use to try to keep us down.

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Mike Kole said...

I similarly enjoy debunking the myth of the "wasted vote syndrome".

For instance, if you voted Republican and expected smaller government or lower taxes, you wasted your vote. If you voted Democrat expecting greater civil liberties, you wasted your vote.

Moreover, if you went to McDonald's five times and asked for a Big Mac five times, but all five times you got a Filet O'Fish instead, you wouldn't go back to McDonald's any more, would you? So, why do you keep voting Republican or Democrat? You aren't getting what you bargained for there. Vote Libertarian and you will vote for candidates who will better represent your beliefs and who will deliver when they are elected.