Thursday, April 13, 2006

Monroe County Libertarians Have a Successful Social Event and Meetup

Here's LPIN State Secretary Rebecca Sink-Burris' report on the Monroe County Libertarians social event and Meetup last night:

"We had a great time and like you, we were just about the only ones in the place, I saw only one other customer. The smoking ban has killed this particular bar and they really appreciated our business. Not all of the people who rsvp'd showed up, but one new person did and I expect him to come to the discussion meeting also, and some showed up unexpectedly as well. Total 14 attendees, 3 of which were new. We then adjourned to a nearby restaurant with 11 of the 14, to further celebrate Lauren's birthday, making another local small business happy. We had a great time in both settings. We may have to change bars eventually, this particular one has no food worth eating. Well worth setting up on meetup."

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